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What problems should I watch out for?

While there are many possible problems for garage doors, the ones you should watch out for are the early signs of damage and breaking. This includes formation of rust, springs becoming brittle, and hinges making loud noises. Other garage door problems are easy enough to identify and know that they need attention.

Are automatic garage doors safe?

Automatic garage doors are completely safe. But our specialists still recommend practicing safety especially when kids are around. Despite the machine of the automatic garage door opener having safety features, negligence can always cause accidents. This also applies for manual garage door openers and other types of openers.

How do I choose openers?

You must be extremely careful when you choose garage door openers. One of your first priorities should be to check that they comply with all UL 325 safety regulations. You must also choose an opener with a powerful motor depending on the weight of the door and also get as many accessories as you can.

Do all door openers have a reset button?

Most, not all, garage door openers come with their handy reset buttons. However, resetting the door opener is still possible even without the reset button. By simply disconnecting the unit from the power supply and connecting it back after 30 seconds or a few minutes, resetting can take place. Refer to the manual for more information on this issue.

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