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Read these amazing tips and learn how to take care of your garage door today

Worn cables on garage doors

A garage door consists of metal cables that connect the springs to its bottom on each side. If these cables look worn or frayed, ask our professional garage door technicians to take a look at them as soon as possible. If it’s not fixed immediately, the cables could cause serious injury to you and your family.

Pinched fingers caused by garage doors

Regular garage door maintenance must be done to avoid injuries like pinched fingers. If the door does not function properly, it may accidentally hit someone’s fingers or other body parts. To avoid this from happening, do not stick your fingers between sections when trying to lower the door. Always use handles when manually raising or lowering the door.

Adhere to a maintenance schedule

A maintenance schedule must be followed when it comes to garage doors. A good way to do this is to schedule a lubrication maintenance every six months or so. You can also opt for an annual maintenance schedule. During these times, you should inspect the door for possible problems.

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